Moody UPT Class 70-01 - 52nd Anniversary Reunion - October 2021

Our Moody AFB Class 70-01 got together for a reunion (52nd Anniversary) this past week in Titusville, FL. This was only our second reunion but it was another resounding success. We had 20 UPT classmates attend. Our events included an airboat ride in the nearby river/swamp area, a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, a tour of the Warbirds Museum, and the Orlando Air and Space Show in Sanford, FL. Performing at the Air Show were the Thunderbirds, F-22 Demo and F-18 Demo teams. We also had the SOCOM Para-Commandos parachute in and later join us at our Chalet. One of the team members is an Air Force Captain. We plan a third reunion next Fall.

Row 1 (L-R): Doug Bash (USMC), Joe Hearn, Chuck Kavcsak, Kent Hoisington, John Dunham, Bruce Buono, Dick Innes, Jim Altemose (USMA 1968), Ronnie Smth
Row 2 (L-R): Earl Plewes, Jim Murray, Tim Ayres, Bob Allen, Charlie Allison (USMC), Chris Hoffman (Citadel), Don Ames
Row 3 (L-R): Randy Doyle (T A&M), Randy Gunter
Row 4 (L-R): Mike Depasquale, Tom Lockhart (IP), Skip Pardee

1968 grads in the UPT Class who attended (L-R): Bruce Buono, Tim Ayres, Skip Pardee, Chuck Kavcsak, and John Dunham.

Just in case you hadn’t seen a recent show. The Thunderbirds were quite good.

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