Hart Beckett's Pontiacs

Hartsel's car at graduation was a Red '67 GTO, but his first car is this dark green '49 Pontiac.
Seems that our Classmate, Hart, has a thing about Pontiacs. He got another, a '69 GTO before UPT. You'll see the 'before' and 'after' on his '65 GTO plus another shot of it with his '78 Trans Am, a Bonneville GXP, a Vibe and a Pontiac G6 Convertible.

Hart's first - '49 Pontiac
Hart's '67 GTO - Graduation Car
'69 GTO for UPT
'65 GTO in-work
'65 GTO Finished
The Pontiac Corral
Hartsel and Sharon's stable of Pontiacs

Hartsel and Sharon's 2022 LT Chevy Equinox and their 2023 CT5 Premium Luxury Cadillac

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