Charlie Coolidge's Superb 1968 Pontiac Tempest LeMans

This is Charlie's Past and Present Ride

This is my cadet car--picked up on 2 Feb 1968 (yes, Ground Hog Day) from Johnson Pontiac in Colorado Springs. It's a long story why I did not get my car until February despite ordering it in the summer of 1967. The short version is my color combination and other choices of "extras" on my 1968 Tempest LeMans must have been pretty popular!
I have had the car 45+ years and I proposed to Bonnie in it on top of Lookout Mountain west of Denver. And I have kept both the car and Bonnie! Obviously, Bonnie is very tolerant! Not sure what that says about the car other than it is pretty dependable and still in running condition!

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