Roger Dean's Rides

While we still have Sweet Potato (below), we added a second Corvette to our fleet. Just after Thanksgiving we bought a 2007 convertible. (If you are tempted to ask why, you’d never appreciate the answer.) We’d been looking for a couple of months and eventually fell
in love with a vivid (!) yellow number with only 16,000 miles on the clock. It was at a dealership south of Boston, so we drove down and back (~700 miles) in one day to look at it—and buy it. It was delivered to us two weeks later. Granddaughter Cookie named this car, too: Sunshine.

Now my “fun ride” is a throwback to my first years out of school. Shortly after graduation I bought a sunflower yellow 1970 Corvette coupe that I let go after about ten years. Last fall my wife and I bought a 1972 Ontario Orange Corvette coup. It has less than 50,000 miles on it (about 50,000 less than my 1970 had went it went away) and is in amazing condition. When my then-3-year-old granddaughter first saw it, she exclaimed “Sweet Potato.” And now that’s its name.

Here is a picture of Roger at his first duty station (the Air Force Weapons Lab in Albuquerque) with his Harley-Davidson Sportster. Over the years Roger has been through about 25 bikes, including four Harleys.

Roger on his 1999 Low Rider

Roger on his Softtail taken in his front “yard” in 2009 at their new home in Downeast, Maine.

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