Skip Pardee's 1959 Jaguar XK-150

Here's a picture of my 1959 Jaguar XK-150. Taken in 1974, the girl sitting next to me is my then 17 year old sister, Barbara.

Of the 30+ cars and three airplanes I've owned, this is the one I'd like back. Bought it in 1973, sold it in 1983 and have regretted selling it every day since.

Funny story about buying it. I was working in a SAC command post at Lockbourne AFB, Columbus, Ohio, in 1973. I found this car in Dayton, about an hour away. When it came time to go to Dayton to pick it up, the 1973 Arab-Israeli war was in full swing. We were on high alert. I was working 12 hours a day. With all my Air Force buddies on alert, I had no way to get to Dayton to pick up the car. My house was on a hill overlooking the freeway to Dayton from Columbus. So I walked down to the freeway and hitch-hiked. A state trooper came along. He said, "Don't you know that hitch-hiking on the freeway is illegal." He asked me for my ID. I gave him my military ID. He asked me where I lived. I pointed to my house on the hillside. He then asked me why I was hitch-hiking. I explained the situation. He said hop in. He drove me to Dayton.

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