Viet Nam Trip - November 2011

Bob & Thuy Johnston, Brooke & Cathy Bailey, David & Suzanne McCandless

This was our itinerary during our exciting, lengthy tour of southeast Asia. We visited Hong Kong for three nights to get our body clocks adjusted. We then flew to Hanoi and stayed for two nights. We drove to Halong Bay and stayed on a junk overnight. We drove back to Hanoi for another night. We then flew to Hue for three nights. We drove to Danang for lunch and a brief visit then ...continued on to Hoi An for three nights. We flew to Nha Trang from Danang and stayed three nights. We then flew into Saigon and stayed for four nights. Finally, we flew to Singapore and stayed three nights. What an adventure with great friends who remain so, even after so much time together....
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01hongkong03.jpg 02hongkong04.jpg 03hongkong05.jpg 04hongkong01.jpg 05hongkong02.jpg 06Hanoi01.jpg 07Hanoi02.jpg 08HanoiHilton01.jpg
09HanoiHilton02.jpg 10HanoiHilton03.jpg 11halong01.jpg 12halong02.jpg 13halong03.jpg 14halong04.jpg 15halong05.jpg 16hue01.jpg
17hue02.jpg 18hue03.jpg 19hue04.jpg 20hue05.jpg 21danang01.jpg 22danang02.jpg 23hoian01.jpg 24hoian02.jpg
25hoian03.jpg 26hoian04.jpg 27hoian05.jpg 28hoian06.jpg 29nhatrang01.jpg 30nhatrang02.jpg 31nhatrang03.jpg 32nhatrang04.jpg
33saigon01.jpg 34saigon02.jpg 35saigon03.jpg 36saigon04.jpg 37singapore01.jpg 38singapore02.jpg 39singapore03.jpg
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