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Home Town Honorees - Carl and CJ

Charles "CJ" Yoos and yours truly being inducted into our hometown alumni hall of fame the end of April.

A bit of background - we were both raised and attended schools in the small 3,500+ person town of Lisbon OH. CJ was a few high school graduating classes behind me. I enlisted in the AF immediately after graduating in 1960, and he entered USAFA immediately after high school. Add my being turned back to the class of 1968, and we ended up in the same graduating class from USAFA (The awesome "68 We're Great" class). As you probably recall, I was the Spring semester Wing Commander and CJ was the 5th Group Commander. At that time, we made the local newspapers when our parents were presented with awards from the local Rotary Club and citizenry which in turn led to CJ and I being presented with plaques by the Vice Commandant of Cadets in recognition of our leadership positions. (see photos and news articles below).

Fast forward to April 2012. CJ and I were honored to be inducted into the Lisbon Alumni Association Hall of Fame. The alumni association gives scholarships to local students and has done so for many years. The picture gallery of our induction is at the following link:

Carl McPherson

Carl - 1960 & 1968CJ - 1964 & 1968
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1204CM09.jpg 1204CM10.jpg 1204CM11.jpg 1204CM12.jpg

Charles Yoos passed away 26 November 2018, click here for his In Memoriam page.

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