2007 Air Force vs Navy Game and Post Game Party

From left to right: Jim & Pat Seevers, Bob & Thuy Johnston, Dave & Alex Prevost and Scribe


Midshipmen March-on


Opening Kickoff


Air Force Cheerleaders


Steve McPhail & Scribe


Scribe & Charlie Coolidge


Scribe & Mark Torreano


Bruce Gerrity & Scribe


Steve McPhail & Paul Flynn


Final Score


Bob Johnston took the following shots following the game at Annapolis' Mike's Seafood Restaurant

Clark, Pat and Nita
From left to right: Tim Davidson, Bob Johnson, Steve McPhail, Dave Prevost, Mark Torreano and Jim Seevers


From left to right: Alex Prevost, Pat Seevers and Thuy Johnston


From left to right: Jim Seevers, Dave Prevost, Steve McPhail and Bob Johnston


Commandant of Cadets - Brig Gen Susan Y. Desjardins, '80


Dean of Faculty - Brig Gen Dana H. Born, '83


From left to right: Jim & Pat Seevers, Dave & Alex Prervost and Thuy Johnston

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