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Bruce and Heather's Anniversary Trip

We've been at Travis just over a year and expect just about another year before we move off to who knows where. Heather was promoted to O-6 so that will drive our next assignment. She's currently on her 4th 6-month deployment to the AOR. We hope to get some vacation time when she returns before we move along. We took a cruise to Alaska in May - living on the west coast it made sense to go there rather than the Carribean - it was an Inside Passage route that's pretty popular. Since you only live (and die) once, we went for all the full adventure excursions: helicopter out to a glacier, raft the "rapids," and zip line through the trees over the awakening bears. Except for the first visit to Tracy Arm Fjord on the way into the passage, the weather was better than expected - all our events went off without a hitch. I'd recommend the fun trip to all. Life is good in California - I prefer the wine to the fruits and nuts. Hope you are all healthy.

Heather and I took an “Anniversary Cruise” on the Inside Passage to Alaska. My previous Alaska time had been refuel stops only. We had great weather and even missed rain in the rainiest city in the US – Ketchikan. We loaded up on the fun excursions, taking in a glacier walk (yes, that’s me axing my way to the top of an ice wall), a rafting trip down a river – Heather rows, I photo – and zip lining at 130 ft. above the safe terrain. We also shared time with some of our closest friends. Bruce

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