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The Falcon Heritage Forum (FHF), a semi-annual program held in the fall and spring, 40 military veterans are invited to participate on the basis of the chosen theme. FHF links cadets with the wealth of experience and heritage found in our nation's distinguished veterans and provides a systematic, yet personal way for cadets to engage in discussions with men and women of impeccable character as identified through their involvement in military service to our nation. Each participant is linked with one of the 40 cadet squadrons to share their experiences in ways they deem relevant to the character development of our cadets for the entire three-day forum. To learn more about the Falcon Heritage Forum, click on the above logo.

Our class had three representatives at this forum; Tony Marshall, Mike Hembrough and Jeff Feinstein. Scroll down for the story and pictures of this event.


Class of 1968 Falcon Heritage Forum Representatives
"Your Heroes of USAFA" - October 2007

Jeff Feinstein, Vietnam War Ace and recipient of the Air Force Cross, was invited to speak to the members of Cadet Squadron 7. Also, because he was awarded the Air Force Cross, an Alcove Dedication ceremony consisting of the installation of a plaque outside of his last room at the Academy was performed.

Both Mike Hembrough and Tony Marshall, who were roommates at the Academy, first spoke to the members of Cadet Squadron 16. On the second day of the forum Mike and Tony spoke to a different Cadet Squadron, which was Cadet Squadron 17. Mike was awarded the Silver Star for one of his rescue missions during the Vietnam War. Tony's Fast FAC F-4 was shot down during the Vietnam War and he became a POW. Tony was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Tony, Mike and Jeff


Cadet Rahl reading Jeff's Air Force Cross Citation

This plaque designates the cadet room of:

Jeffrey S. Feinstein, '68

Air Force Cross Recipient
Date of Action: 13 October 1972

The Air Force Cross is presented to Jeffrey
S. Feinstein, Captain, U.S. Air Force, for
extraordinary heroism in military operations
against an opposing armed force as an F-4D
Weapons System Officer on 13 October
1972. On that date, while protecting a large
strike force attacking a high priority target
deep in hostile territory, Captain Feinstein
engaged two enemy aircraft and destroyed
one as they attacked the vulnerable chaff-
dispensing flight. Having destroyed one of
the aircraft and realizing that his wingman
was coming under fire, Captain Feinstein
continued his attack on the second enemy
aircraft. This courageous and aggressive
maneuver negated the immediate threat to
this wingman and caused the second MIG-
21 to flee the area in which he would
constitute a threat to the strike forces.
Through his extraordinary heroism, superb
airmanship, and aggressiveness in the face
of hostile forces, Captain Feinstein reflected
the highest credit upon himself and the
United States Air Force.

Sponsored by the Class of 1965


Jeff hanging the Alcove Dedication Plaque with his Air Force Cross citation outside his old room, 5A27 which was in CS 7 territory when he occupied it, but today it is in CS 3 territory


Jeff speaking outside his old room.


Jeff and Cadet Rahl


Tony with Jeff outside his old room


Mike, Cadet McInteer and Tony


Mike speaking to the members of Cadet Squadron 17


Our Class Senator, Carl Janssen, with Jeff, Tony and Mike


With the CS 16 Cadet escorts, Amy McInteer and Mark Manship and '63 grad John McTasney, who was also in CS 16


Thanks a bunch Tony for the story and pictures.

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