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C-123 Picture and Story from Buzz Glade

Buzz next to a C-123 converted into a restaurant in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
This plane is supposedly the sister ship of the 123 that Buz Sawyer was killed in.
Daja vu, Susan & I recently over flew Magnolia, Ark (Buz Sawyer's hometown)
and I was telling her about Buz.

From the website:

The "El Avion twin sister" Fairchild C-123K Provider N4410F was bought by Corporate Air Services, which was working on behalf of the CIA. The airplane was re-registered HPF821. In 1986 HPF821 was used on a U.S. government-sponsored covert resupply program for the Contras in Nicaragua. On October 5, 1986 the flight departed San Salvador-Ilopango Airport loaded with 70 Soviet-made AK-47 rifles and 100,000 rounds of ammunition, rocket grenades and other supplies. It flew along the Nicaraguan coastline and entered Nicaraguan airspace near the Costa Rican border. Nearing San Carlos, the plane descended to 2500 feet while preparing to drop off its cargo. At that moment the Provider was shot down by a Sandinista soldier using a SA-7 missile. As it spiralled down, one crew member Eugene H. Hasenfus was able to parachute to safety. He was captured by the Sandinistas. Two American pilots, William H. Cooper and Wallace B. Sawyer, Jr., and one Latin crew member were killed. The downing of the C-123 cargo plane on Oct. 5, 1986, led to the discovery of an extensive United States contra supply operation that was based in El Salvador and financed by the profits from the American sale of arms to Iran. President Ronald Reagan denied that there was any Government connection to the flight. But Mr. Hasenfus, and documents in the wreckage of the plane, linked the crew to Government involvement.
This link has additional information and photos:

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