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Becky, TAD Draper and More

On April 22nd, Becky received an award from the United Way of the Midlands for her services to the community as a volunteer. The award was given to her and a “partner”, Roberta. Becky and Roberta teamed up on Omaha Quilters Guild projects to collect and create items that were donated to a variety of “shelter” type organizations serving children and families in need. Congratulations and thanks to Becky for her service.

TAD passed away on 28 September 2010

The Draper family ski trip 26-30 Dec 08 in Breckenridge. On the slopes left to right: Jim, my “middle child” son; Holly, wife of youngest son Rob; Rob; and me (TAD).

In the sled: Granddaughter, Abby (not so happy being bundled up and dragged around) and her very happy “grampa” TAD.

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