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2009 Graduation with Edens '68 and '94 Attending

Here is a picture at the graduation of my nephew, 2LT David Butler, '09, on May 27, 2009. Besides me, the other Air Force Officer is my son, Major (LTC sel) Christopher Eden, '94. Christopher performed the swearing-in ceremony for David. David is going to Vance AFB to pursue his AF Pilot rating, which is what both Christopher and I already have. During a family tour of the Chapel on May 25, we ran into Gen (Ret) Charlie Holland. Small world!!!

Graduation party at O'Malley's in Palmer Lake. We gave David an USAFA saber and plaque. Pictured from the left are my daughter, Jennifer Eden, AF Major (IRR); Christopher, '94; David, '09; my wife, Janet; and me.

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