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Birthday Gift/Bucket List

I thought I'd share what my last birthday gift was. Well, I hope it's not really my last but it is my most recent. My wife, Heather, and I have been attending the Indy 500 race together for the last dozen years or so (my individual record goes back many more races than that). This past year, Heather decided to help me check off one item from my "bucket list." That was to drive an Indy car on the Indy track. We got a deal that got the both of us to drive solo laps (following another race car) around the track in a car that had raced on the track a few years back. That was immediately followed by a ride of several laps in a two seater with a former Indy driver. In our case, the driver was Stephan Gregoire. He drove IRL through 2007 and immediately following our day at the track, he was off to Le Mans to compete in the 24 Hour race. Needless to say, his track speeds were faster than ours, but we clipped along well above the old Nevada no speed limit days. Both sets of laps were a blast. One picture is the pose in front of the two seater, the other (can't prove it) is the start of the solo laps. Eat your heart out Pat Russell. It finally beats a run in your Vette.

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