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Gene and Jan rise dropped by our home in Jekyll island, GA enroute to visit their son Mike in Columbia, SC. One picture of gene and Jan with Marlee and I/other of Gene and I with champ the dog. Was great seeing them both.

The Class of 68 Colorado Gimpy Geezers latest hike out at Dave Allen’s - First shot--thanks for hosting, Dave, and for organizing , Mark!

Marlee and I (Alan Price) had John and Jane Dunham over to “out” island the other night - they live on Sea Island, one of the world’s most exclusive places, and on nearby Jekyll Island - Jane calls her place the “hood” and Marlee notes if you are in the hood, we are in a fish camp! Lots of fun and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Blair was in Las Vegas to watch his granddaughter play in a volleyball tournament and was able to have a short visit with the Russell's

Susie and Jack Webb and Nita and Pat Russell at the Webb's in Tucson

Your friendly webmaster was treated with a super dinner in Lafayette LA by his former roommate Bob Williams and his special friend Leslie. Pat came up to Bob's from New Orleans where he was for the 366th Gunfighter's Association Reunion.

Bill Gauntt's memorial service at the USAFA cemetery. It include some of the members of the 55th reunion committee (L to R: Doug Wilson, Gary Vasek, Gary Hoffman, Bill Wood, Carl Janssen & Dale Oderman.

Here’s a photo from Saint Patrick’s day at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub in Colorado Springs. Left to right: Mimi Torreano, Elaine and Bill Buford, Mark Torreano, and classmate and proprietor of Quinns - Bill Sasz.

Another photo from Saint Patrick’s day at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub in Colorado Springs with Jim Aubrey’s daughters. Merideth on the left is a longtime Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub employee and Sarah is on the right.

Gary and Debra Teeter stopped by for lunch with Jim and Nancy Camp on a warm winter day in Carlsbad, CA. They chatted about past and future travel adventures. It all started with a trip to Europe prior to our first class year. Now they are trying to plan how to travel with COVID restrictions.

Mimi and Mark Torreano stopped by Nita and Pat's place for lunch on September 7, 2021

Pat was in Virginia to attend his grandson's wedding and had time to visit our Scribe, Tim Davidson who graciously took Pat out-to-lunch to a newly opened Mexican Restaurant near Tim's home.

At our Albuquerque breakfast in the park this morning. Knutson and I, and two from the class of '69. On the far left is Gary(the tallest) and on the right is Kit (first time I saw him at breakfast.)                        Felix Morgan

Hung out with some Air Force Academy classmates yesterday hiking at Castlewood Canyon State Park about 35 miles north of Colorado Springs. L to R: Bill Wood, Steve Staley, Dave Allen, me (Mark Torreano) and Gary Hoffman. Please forgive our momentary failure to maintain social distancing, I don’t have a wide angle lens. We had a great day enjoying the great weather and beautiful scenery. And no rattlesnakes!

Vic Bonfiglio had a nice visit and dinner at Pat and Nita's on February 15, 2020

Pat & Nita Russell with Melissa & Bob Williams at the National WW II Museum in New Orleans

Bev Motz, Don Motz, Mark Torreano, Mimi Torreano, Charlie Holland (visiting), Vic Bonfiglio, Charlotte Sullivan & Sully Sullivan

Ayres, Freeborn and Marlier discovering the self-service beer vending machine in the Shanghai airport. Life is good.

Nita & Pat attended Tom and Marion Vail's wine tasting at their Calamity Hill vineyard and farm in Amity, Oregon - Sep2016
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Howie and Mary Gay Towt met Sue and Stephen Schmidt in Sonoma, CA for four days of wine tasting and fine dining - Sep 2016.

Blair and Pat with Pat's new Vette that he picked up at the Corvette Museum on June 15, 2015

Jim and Sherry DeFazio and Pat and Nita Russell having a nice evening dinner in Ft. Collins CO - June 2015

We are getting ready for the Challenge Nation Honolulu Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race!
Our team, ’68 Still Great!, gave it our best but we didn’t win (this year). We were easily the oldest contestants

Chad Swedberg and Vern McGraw at Jim Hix's internment on November 14, 2014

CS17 Mini-Reunion - JC Kurzdorfer and Mark Torreano in Hawaii

Dave and Jeanne Allen stopped in Northwest Florida on their way south to Lakeland last month. They spent Sunday night with us in Niceville and we sent them on their way to Lakeland Monday morning--just another family visit. As you can see, Dave's restored 1934 Waco YKC is a national treasure.
Monday, 31 March 2014, DeFuniak Springs, FL airport. Jeanne Allen, Marilyn & Vern McGraw,
Dave Allen. Dave and Jeanne are on their way to Sun 'n Fun fly-in/airshow, Lakeland, FL.

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Each year, Mike Butler and I have a joint birthday celebration. (His birthday is 15 May, mine is 7 June.)

The attached pictures were taken at the Golf Club facility at Laguna Woods, CA,
where Mike has a beautiful new home. (Mike is on the right, I am on the left.)

Hal Smith & Joe Michel on the deck of the Midway, March 6, 2013.
Hal says McKeown & Ensch have some significance to Dick Coe.

Reggi & Mike Wallace, Julie & Bob Beanblossom, Mimi & Mark Torreano and Pat Russell
all got together for lunch while the Wallace's and Torreano's were in Vegas for the Holidays.

Sandy and Barney Mills, Pat Russell, Mark Torreano and Bobby Beanblossom
at the AF vs UNLV game in Las Vegas on September 22, 2012.

Tom and Kathy Zyroll stopped by Nita and Pat and Russell's place for lunch on June 21, 2012

Hawaii Class garhering, February 2012 - Tom Devereaux, Mark Torreano, Jim Estes, Vic Bonfiglio, John (Sully) Sullivan and Walt Yamamoto

Mark Torreano and Bob Pohlman
9Jan2012 in Phoenix where Bob lives and lawyers all the live long day. Mark visiting from Hawaii where he lives and lounges all the . . .

The Wallace's and Torreano's were able to visit the Russell's during their stay in Vegas
over the holidays in December 2011.

Julie and Bob Beanblossom stopped by the Russell's for dinner while visiting Las Vegas
20 September 2011

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With Bill Wood at the conference
At Bill's pub - Jack Quinn's
Blair Stewart in his Vette

Classmates Pat saw during the AOG President's Conference in September 2011

Don and Wendy Sutton stopped by the Russell's for lunch while visiting Las Vegas - 27Apr2011

Garry Dudley, Mike Parkinson & Pat Russell got together for lunch Wednesday, 8Dec2010, during Garry and Mike's vacation in Las Vegas.

At the Air Force vs UNLV Football Game - 18 November 2010 - Final Score AF 35 - UNLV 20
Back Row: Jim & Mary Lou Soldano (Jim was with us at the Academy our first year) - Sharon & Neal Starkey
Front Row: Mark & Mimi Torreano - Barney & Sandy Mills.

Jim Camp was in Vegas visiting his son, and was able to stop by Pat & Nita's place in Henderson. Their visit continued during the ride Jim gave Pat accross town to pick-up his Corvette.

This picture was taken April 4, 2010 in Scottsdale AZ. On the back row from left to right are Bruce Gerrity, Mike Langley, and John Roulston. Sitting in the front of John is Marty Cole.

Dan Eikleberry & Pat Russell
Dan Eikleberry and Pat Russell attended the organizing meeting on 18May2010 for the Las Vegas AOG Chapter. It was a nice event and about 50 grads attended. This is the 3rd attempt in 20-years to get an AOG Chapter in the Las Vegas area - maybe this time it will succeed.

John Roulston, Tom Jensen and Dave Driggers at Tom's daughter's wedding, Dec 2007

Mike & Charlie
Boys on the Rocks
Mike Wagner and Charlie Seifert on the western end of Grand Cayman Island in January 2007
Mike & Sally and Charlie & Polly intend on another fantastic visit to the islands in '09.

Clark, Pat and Nita
At a service station in Idaho, Clark Gehardt (left) noticed the license plate (USAFA68) on a car pulling through. It was Pat Russell (center) and wife Nita (right) on a Corvette Club trip.

Hal & Pat

Pat Hurley (center) while fishing on the Kispiox River in Northern British Columbia with his friend from Phoenix (right), ran into Hal Smith (left). They shared some great scotch, a cigar or two and caught some beautiful steelhead trout on dry flies.

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