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Bob Pavelko and Sons

The Pavelko's: L-R: Just promoted Colonel Bob, proud dad Bob, '68 and son Jeff, Lt. Col, USMC

Jane and I just returned to Arlington, TX, from visiting my sons in Boston, MA. We were there over May 1 to help promote my oldest son, Bob, to colonel (O-6). He just completed a year as a Senior Fellow at Harvard's JFK School of Government. Tad Oelstrom, Director of the Program, even attended the ceremony. Bob apparently knows somebody who knows somebody, because he arranged to have the promotion on the USS Constitution. See the attached picture of my two sons (Bob & Jeff) and myself. Aren't you amazed...I can still fit into the uniform? I am! The photo was taken just before the promotion.

Bob just reported in to Patrick AFB, FL as Vice Commander of the 45th Space Wing there. My youngest son, Jeff, is a USMC lieutenant colonel and recently moved from Camp Lejeune, NC, to Pensacola, FL, and is XO of Squadron HT-28 of flying Training Air Wing Five. Jeff is programmed to move up to command the squadron. I couldn't be prouder of them.

Take care,
Bob Pavelko

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