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A note from Al Vazquez

Here's my first note in about 15-years. Attached are a few pix (me, wife "Sam" and daughter Jennifer). Of the three of us, our daughter has the most interesting life right now. She's a Lt. Col. in the AF, as is her husband, and she's just finishing up a 1 year tour in Jerusalem with US Security Coordinator. The organization was created in 2006, and is charged with helping professionalize and consolidate Palestinian Authority forces, and with coordinating their activity with Israeli officials pursuant to both sides’ obligations under the 2003 "Roadmap to Peace." She's an assistant to the Vice Adm. who's the CC. When she returns, she'll go back to her previous assignment at AF Legislative Liaison, where she'll be hobnobbing again with all the congressional staffers, trying to advance USAF interests.

My wife (d.b.a. The Patio Princess) and I now live in Gig Harbor, WA, where I have an investment advisory business.

Al Vazquez
Sam & Jennifer
Jennifer in Jordan
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