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Team “68, Still Great" in the 24 April Kailua Canoe Club’s annual Dash and Splash Biathlon

Vic Bonfiglio and Mark Torreano participated as Team “68, Still Great" in the 24 April Kailua Canoe Club’s annual Dash and Splash Biathlon. I “dashed” 5K in 33 minutes and Vic “splashed” 800 yards of treacherous Kailua Beach saltwater in 21 mins. Of course, we were the top team in our age group of one teams!


Mark was certainly pro-active in reporting our fearless feat, but he was only 90.1 % right on the length of the "splash".

I actually swam 800 meters which is 2,848 inches longer than his report indicates .... or, in yards .... 879.111 yards of open shark infested ocean. I also had to dash (or hobble) over the treacherous sands of Kailua Beach which means that my 800 meter swim was actually closer to 20 minutes. I'll check my exact time in the pool tomorrow and give you an exact reading.

Just to put things in perspective, we actually had a drowning in this event last year and we actually had a shark attack in these same waters last year, so it's not entirely without risk, but it is a lot of fun. We also had a feast after the race and some nice company to share our glory. They even presented me with a hand carved walking stick for being the fastest cripple in the crowd !!

This is the second time that Mark and I have won gold for the sterling class of '68. We can't help it that there are no other geriatrics crazy enough risk life and limb for glory, so that means we didn't end last in anything. We're still "Great" .... remember ?!??

Our next adventure will be the Marine Koa Kai Triathlon next Sunday along with Keric Chin from the Class of '87 and my next adventure after that will be the South Shore Classic on 7 May in Waikiki.

Language input: Koa Kai means "Sea Warrior", but we're going to turn this into Koa Lani which means "Sky Warrior".

We're keeping the '68 flag flying proudly in Honolulu. It's dirty thankless work, but somebody has to do it ...

Vic '68, Still Great

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