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Class of 2008's Ring Dance - 25May2007

The evening, including the Mitch’s Dining In and the Arnold Hall Dance, was great. The class of 2008 easily spent over $1,000,000 on their rings...a far cry from our humble adornments! Motrin helped some of us get on the dance floor, but keeping up with the “youngsters” was a hopeless task. So, instead, we sat around “philosophizing.” (Pat McBride)

Seated : Julie Beanblossom, Diana Maywhort, Tina Dudley, Rusty McBride & Donna Hebenstreit
Standing: Bob Beanblossom, Bill Maywhort, Rock & Barbara Buraglio, Garry Dudley, Steve & Judi McPhail, Pat McBride, Gary Hebenstreit, Tony Marshall & Miriam Michael (Tony’s date)


Front Row: Bob Beanblossom, Gary Hebenstreit, Bill Maywhort
Back Row: Rock Buraglio Garry Dudley, Steve McPhail, Pat McBride & Tony Marshall


Bob & Julie Beanblossom, Garry & Tina Dudley, Gary & Donna Hebenstreit, Carl & Debbie Janssen, Miriam Michael & Tony Marshall, Judi & Steve McPhail, Pat & Rusty McBride, Rock & Barbara Buraglio and Diana & Bill Maywhort


Steve McPhail & Bob Beanblossom

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