The 50th Reunion - October 3 - 6, 2018

Our 50th Reunion was terrific - best attended ever - 644 attended (315 Classmates - 118 more than our 45th). Our Reunion Committee did a fantastic job. Again they knew what we were looking for - especially allowing time for Squadrons to arrange get togethers. By every measurement it was great - except for the weather for the football game - however who is going to complain since we beat Navy, 35 to 7. This page has links to other pages that contain photos, taken by many, at the Reunion. I have grouped some of the photo albums by subject and some by the photographer. All of the photos displayed have been optimized for display on a 'confuzer' and may not be suitable to produce a nice photo copy. Please email me if you would like a higher resolution copy for printing. Check back often - this page will be updated as Classmates send in their photos.

Banquet Slideshow

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On Friday we had our memorial for our 93 fallen Classmates at the Cadet Chapel. All fallen Classmates were honored. Please click here for a copy of the 2018 Memorial Brochure. Doug Wilson set up an alternate to the golf match - full day of fly fishing at Perfect Drift. Vince Rusinak set up a super tour of the National Museum of WWII Aviation. Here's some pictures at the museum and lunch afterwards at the Airplane Restaurant.
This section contains Squadron pictures - from both Doolie year and at Graduation.
Susan Hankey Webb's (Jack's better half) Reunion photos. Here's some pictures we got from Jack Strickland. You just have to see the multitude of terrific photos that our own Tony Marshall took over our 50th Reunion days.

List of the 315 Classmates Attending
Daniel Ahern
James Aubrey
Timothy Ayres
Craig Baer
Steven Bailey
Brooke Bailey
Brent Balazs
Lawson Barclay
LeRoy Barco
Joseph W Barnes
Frederick Bassett
John Batchelor
Bertrand Bauer
Avery Beauregard
Mason Beckett
William Begert
Warren Bell
Lloyd Belwood
James Bettcher
Manuel Bettencourt
Lindsey Bierer
James Bjork
Alvin Blumberg
Scott Bohner
Samuel Bole
Victor Bonfiglio
Richard Booker
Robert Boots
Ralph Bowers
William Bowman
William Brant
William Brockett
William Brown
Rayford Brown
David Brumm
Daniel Bucchioni
William Buford
Bruce Buono
Rockne Buraglio
Michael Burgamy
Russell Burnham
Dennis Busch
James Camp
James Carr
Michael Cassidy
John Chapman
Denny Chrismer
James Clark
Richard Coe
Ray Cole
Richard Colt
Charles Coolidge
Charles Corley
Paul Cousins
Richard Covey
William Crimmel
James Cryer
Mark Danney
Tim Davidson
Roger Dean
James DeFazio
George DeGovanni
Johnny DeLoach
John Denny
Thomas Devereaux
Thomas Dreier
Dana Drenkkowski
David Driggers
Garry Dudley
Donald Duncan
John Dunham
Alan Dunkerley
George Durham
Thomas Eaves
Ed Eberhart
William Eckert
Maurice Ecung
Anthony Eden
Maurice Edlund
William Eisenman
Richard Ellis
John Ellis
Richard Engel
Arlen Entsminger
Michael Evans
Warren Everett
Richard Ewers
Gregory Faith
Richard Fallon
Kenneth Farino
James Farley
Richard Fast
John Ferron
William Finlinson
Bobby Floyd
Paul Flynn
Basil Fossum
William Frididnger
George Gaines
William Gauntt
Donald Genna
Clark Gerhardt Jr
John Gonda
Geoffrey Gorsuch
Paul Gosnell
John Goyette
John Graham
Lee Grant
Richard Gray
Frederick Gross
Weldon Jr Groves
Terence Gruters
John Gurley
Gary Hall
Danny Hamilton
Thomas Harkness
Orvil Hause
Patrick Heinig
William Hembrough
David Henson
Fredrick Hernlem
Harold Higley
George Hoffman
Edward Hoffman
William Hoge
William Holaday
Charles Holland
Robert Hughes
Paul Hurley
Derek Iverson
Charles Jackson
Carl Janssen, Jr
Thomas Jensen
Vay Seth Jensen
Henry Johnson
Randall Johnson
Thomas Jones
Charles Jones
Charles Kavcsak
Ronald Kerchner
James Kiernan
Philip Kimmel
Carl Knittel
Darrel Knutson
Dean Kocian
David Kozak
George Kramer
Howard Kyle
Michael Lang
Mike Langley
Gary Leikam
Raymond Leonard
Edward Leonard
George Levitsky
Al Lim
Walter Lips
Vincent Lozito, Jr
Robert Lushbaugh
Robert Lutter
Paul Lutton
John Macon
John MacWherter
Kenneth Madsen
Robert Maguire
David Mann
William Markham, Jr
Steven Marlier
Marion Marshall
Franklin Martin
William Maywhort
William Mazurek
Walter McCants
Thomas McCloy
William McConnell
William McDaniel
Gary McDonald
Vernon McGraw
William McKee
Dennis McLain
Steve McPhail
Carl McPherson
Edward Menarchik
Arthur Miller
Nathan Mills
Stephen Mish
Michael Moffitt
Francis Moore
Richard Moran
John Morris
Michael Morrison
Richard Mosbach
Michael Moss
Donald Motz
Duane Mrosla
Donald Mrosla
David Mulkey
Fred Nash
Michael Navarro
James Neu
John Nicholson
Gary Nordyke
Michael O’Brien
Thomas O'Beirne
David L Oberg
Dale Oderman
James O'Grady
Brian O'Hara
Albert Owen
Stuart Pardee
James Parker
Michael Parkinson
Jeffrey Parrish
Richard Patterson
Robert Pauli
Robert Pavelko
Richard Perry
David Phillips
Philip Pignataro
Robert Pohlman
Steve Polk
David Prevost
Charles Price
Alan Price
Richard Probert
Roger Radley
Lewis Read
Michael Reaves
James Reese
Robert Reyling
John Rittenhouse
Kathleen Robbins
George Roberts
Tony Robertson
John Rominger
Eugene Rose
John Roulston
Vince Rusinak
William Russell
Patrick Russell
Robert Sallee
William Sasz
Scott Schenck
Tom Schiff
Stephen Schmidt
Philip Schmidt
John Schroeder
John Seaman
James Seevers
Charles Seifert
Michael Sharp

William Shepherd
Gregory Shuey
Robert Siegfried
Richard Sievers
Roger Sindle
Karl Smith
Joseph Smith
Roger Sorensen
Robert Staley
Neal Starkey
Benjamin Stevens
Duncan Stewart
Kenneth Stewart
Robert Stier
Charles Stockton
Jack Strickland
David Strobel
Rodney Stubbs
John Sullivan
Gerard Sullivan
John Sullivan
Donald Sutton
Kenton Swanger
John Swanson
Gary Tacey
William Taylor
Gary Teeter
Ralph Templin
James Terry
Michael Thomas
James Thomas
Edwin Thomas
Michael Thompson
James Thompson
Janis Thomson
David Thorburn
Stephen Thrapp
Michael Thrower
William Thurston
Jonathan Toof
Mark Torreano
Howard Towt
Gary Vasek
Benny Veteto
Michael Wagner
Philip Waldron
William Walsh
Jack Webb
Eric Wentzel
James West
Fred Wevodau
Karl Whittenberg
Ted Wierzbanowski
James Wiggins
Roger Wiles
Kenneth Wilhelm
Wayne Wilson
Donald Windham
William Wood
Bertram Woodside
Rowland Worrell
Gerald Wyngaard
Kenneth Zagzebski
Terry Zubrod
Thomas Zyroll
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