Tim's March 2011Checkpoints Class News Article

HELLO '68!! Happy 2011 to you and yours!! Many thanks for all who wrote to Pat Russell and me during the holidays. Your greetings and breaking class news are always much appreciated.

'68'S FIRST USAFA DISTINGUISHED GRAD ANNOUNCED: I am delighted to report our very own Ed Eberhart was named one of the two USAFA Distinguished Graduates for 2010. "The award recognizes Academy graduates whose singular and distinctive contributions to our society and nation have set them apart from other graduates." Ed and Max James (USAFA '64) will be honored at a Founders Day banquet at USAFA on Friday, 1 April 2011 and during a parade on Saturday, 2 April. I am working with the AOG to provide our class with a reserved section for the parade and am encouraging as many classmates who are able to participate to attend both functions. If time and resources permit, it would be great to have these events serve as a mini-reunion prior to our 45th in 2013. Points of contact for '68 activities related to Founders Day will be Carl Janssen and Garry Dudley in the Colorado Springs area and Pat Russell and me for information in general. As specific details become available, Pat will post them on our class website. A hearty '68 congratulation to Ed on this distinctive honor and recognition!

Young Rob Linsmayer Blasts Two Goals Against Falcons

LINSMAYER SON STARS ON FALCON ICE: I received notes from Carl Janssen and Liz (Linsmayer) Johnson who met at the USAFA Field House to watch our classmate Rob Linsmayer's son (also named Rob) skate for Holy Cross and nearly score a hat trick against our Falcon Hockey Team when the two teams met on 4 December. The photo above was taken after Rob (#26) checked one of our Falcon defenders. Liz said that young Rob is the same height as Rob, Sr., but is 210 pounds of solid muscle. If you happen to be a college hockey fan, Carl suggests you root for the Falcons first and should you happen to catch a Holy Cross game then please cheer for #26.

I received a short note from Basic Summer roommate, David Mann, who with wife, MarcheAnn, established a new enterprise in Fort Worth called the Black Rooster Bakery. David said the bakery has a neighborhood appeal and specializes in hand-made traditional breads and pastries. To see more about the Mann's "new baby," please go to www.theblackroosterbakery.com.

Classmate and His ALO: L-R: Greg Shuey and Col John Riffle

'68ER REUNITES WITH ACADEMY LIAISON OFFICER: Greg Shuey noted, "After 40 years of enjoying the merry adventures of my classmates in Checkpoints, I thought I would finally add a bit of fodder for your quarterly updates on old friends." The photo above is of Greg and Colonel John Riffle, USAF (Ret) and was taken during Colonel Riffle's 95th birthday party. Greg wrote "John Riffle was my Academy Liaison Officer (ALO) who introduced me to the Academy when I was in 8th grade (1958) and mentored me until my appointment. He was the first regional ALO Director in the Kansas City region when the Academy was first built and was responsible for dozens of candidates being selected over the years. As a life-long cattleman, Colonel Riffle was head of the Cattlemen's Association in the Midwest and is an icon among Air Force officers who inspired generations of young people, including myself." Greg ended by saying he is looking forward to the next reunion and is taking up the challenge to come up with some new musical treats to beat his last effort during our 40th.

Classmate and Mayor of Hendersonville, North Carolina, The Honorable Henry T. Johnson, began his 12th year as leader of his city. In addition to mayoral duties, H.T. finds time to play standup bass in a bluegrass band, gets in a round of golf when he gets the chance, and does some amateur woodworking. While working on some Christmas gifts he confused one of his fingers for the piece of wood he was shaping and ended up in the emergency room with a mangled finger and a lifetime reminder to be careful around power tools.

In his Christmas letter, H.T. mentioned some highs and lows for the year. He writes, "The highest of the highs occurred when daughter Caroline and her college sweetheart became Mr. and Mrs. Chase Livengood on 10.10.10." Caroline and Chase both live in L.A. where they work in the entertainment industry. Caroline is an actress (most recent work "Hello Movieland") and Chase is a lighting and electrical technician for the TV series "House." The low side has revolved around his wife Fair's health who is dealing with a progressively dehabilitating case of "Parkinson's plus" or "multi-system atrophy." The disease causes her to have difficulty reading or communicating and the loss of her dexterity limits her computer use to read-only. H.T. said with the help of a full-time caregiver and some home aides, Fair and he are doing the best that they can with cards they have been dealt.

Jack & Fred Webb Beam Warm Smiles by a Cold Glacier

SEAFARING COUPLE DOES ALASKA: Jack Webb and wife, Fred (a.k.a., Susan), logged another year on their beautiful vessel "The Denali Rose" traveling from Curacao to Wasilla and all points in between. Their journeys were marked by meetings with friends and family and drama on the high seas with onboard fires and emergency surgeries required at neighboring ports. To get a much better appreciation of Jack's and Fred's adventures, see their newsletter and travel history at our class website along with some absolutely beautiful photos taken with Jack's new underwater camera.

REESE AFB 70-01 REUNION: The Reese AFB Class of 70-01 will hold its next reunion at the San Diego Embassy Suites Downtown Hotel from 13-16 October. Confirmed activities will include a Navy SEAL tour, lunch aboard the USS Midway, and visits to local venues such as Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and Seaworld. For more information, please contact Bob Daley or me.

A Pleiku Covey FAC reunion is in the works for spring 2011. For all who are interested, please contact Ed Eberhart or Gene Rose.

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: We lost our classmate Glenn Gillette on 1 November 2010. Following his Air Force career, Glenn became one of our class' wittiest authors and had several of his books published. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Jeanne, and his children Tanya, Diana, Scott, and Barb.

Mind the flak; keep 'em flying, and keep those cards, letters, e-mails, and photos coming in to Pat Russell and me. Please go to our Class Website to see photos included in this column in full size by clicking on Scribe's Page. Also, check for updates on Founders Day activities where Ed Eberhart will be honored on 1 and 2 April. Ciao for now. Tim

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