Tim's June 2008 Checkpoints Class News Article

HELLO '68!! Reunion NOTAM #4: Our 40th Reunion is from 1-4 October at the Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs. If you plan to attend, it would be a capital idea to make your travel reservations before fuel costs and associated travel fares become even more expensive. Here's what's in store for those who attend: Blair Stewart and Pat McBride have agreed to provide music for Thursday and Friday nights. Pat is also creating a video using photos sent from all of us from "back-in-the-day." (Note: If you have not sent your old photo(s) and a current photo to Pat Russell, care of the Class Website at www.usafa68.org, there is still time to do so.) Vince Rusinak and Bill Eckert are finalizing the '68 merchandise selection and Bill Sasz and his gourmet team have finalized the food selection with prices being $32, $40, and $45 per person for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. There will be a Forward Air Controller (FAC) Memorial Dedication on Friday who, among many others, will honor our classmate FACs Jack Duffy, Ted Hallenbeck, Paul Jackson, John Ryder, and Grant Uhls. The Class will provide buses for those who wish to attend the dedication ceremony. The game against Navy will be on Saturday. For late-breaking reunion news, check the Class Website.

For those in the greater Washington, D.C. area, we have tentatively planned our next '68 East Coast Reunion at Ed and Karen Eberhart's home on July 12th. Locals and out-of-towners are welcome, but if planning to attend please send an RSVP that I can pass along to Ed. If you will be arriving from out-of-town and will need a place to stay, please contact me and I will assist in lodging accommodations with a classmate in the local area.

Many thanks to classmates and spouses for the bounty of cards and newsletters received during the 2007 end-of-year holidays! My mailbox spider is now overweight, but grateful for the sumptuous feast!! In an attempt to pass along as much news as the Checkpoints Editor will allow before our 40th reunion, please strap-in and buckle-up for classmate update snippets from near and far.

Tony  and Janet Eden

"Tony and Janet Eden Do Utah"

Tony Eden checked in from Peoria, AZ with a new left hip; news of son, Chris ('94), now flying Air Force 2; and this great photo taken in September 2007 of wife, Janet, and him at the Canyonlands National Park in UT.

Geoff Gorsuch is still with The Navigators and is building Christian ministries in Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Brooke Bailey is still in Wilmington, NC, flying on a part-time basis for two different groups, and is logging flight time on a Cessna 421 and King Air turbo prop. When he's not flying in the wild blue, Cathy and he enjoy lower-level jaunts through hill and dale in his new Corvette.

Bob and Thuy Johnston will be leaving the friendly environs of Vienna, Virginia to a new abode in North Carolina. Their big news for 2007 was the addition of a grandson to the family, born to their son Michael in Tallahassee.

Jim Seevers left his job with SAIC and joined a small company called Dare Mighty Things, which focuses on capacity building for faith-based and community organizations dedicated to serving youth and families in need. Pat's and his new e-mail address is: pseevers@verizon.net.

Bob Durham is now in charge of his own financial investment company and is really enjoying being his own boss. Wife, Cathy, is doing well and shows no recurrence of her bladder cancer. Bob and Cathy's family circle grew by one with a fourth grandchild born to his youngest son, Ryan in January.

Ken Bowers' attempted retirement did not work out and he now plies his trade with RSI working with software for visuals in B-2 simulators. Ken and Khaki linked up with Doug and Lucy Batchelor and Frank and Brenda Moore for dinner after the Armed Forces Bowl in December.

Jim Madsen & Family

"Jim Madsen & Kids": L-R: Josh (26), Jim (Old), and Sky (16)

Jim Madsen is enjoying life after the Airlines and went on trips with his family to Israel, Spain, Argentina, Denver, and New York City in 2007.

Mike Boots is now working international business for Raytheon. His job has taken him to Romania, Pakistan, and Turkey during the past year. Cheryl and he are justifiably proud of their daughter Jennifer, who graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.

Du Mrosla is flying Ultras with a company called Netjets and upgraded to Captain in May 2007. Margie and he caught the travel bug and ventured to Maui, the UK, and Poland.

DJ Mrosla is enjoying retired life and plays racquetball at Travis AFB three to four times a week. Highlights for 2007 were a Polish wedding in Minnesota and his 45th high school reunion.

Maurice Ecung is in his 20th year of official retirement from the Air Force, but stays amply busy with his writing, speaking, and working with USAFA recruiting and Rotary International. Wife (a.k.a., Doctor) Antonia is now in her sixth year as Dean of Porterville College.

Tony Marshall is adjusting to life after the Airlines and is contemplating reapplying since the age limit was raised from 60 to 65. He keeps busy doing substitute teaching and volunteer work

Rob Linsmayer's son, Rob

"Rob Linsmayer's son, Rob, with man's best friend at Christmas"

Special thanks to our departed classmate Rob Linsmayer's former wife, Liz Johnson, for sending this wonderful Christmas photo of their handsome son, Rob.

Joe Michel writes that he is now with Coldwell Banker real estate in California and waiting for the housing market to recover. His wife, Karen, received a well-deserved promotion to Director, Financial Services, Sweetwater Union High School District.

Marty Cole bought a single-engine, Mooney 231 and uses his great iron bird to see family and friends from San Diego to Little Rock. In addition to his travel by air, Claudia and he hit the waterways in 2007 for a 14-night cruise from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale.

Benny and Jeanne Veteto had a tough 2007 with the loss of both of Jeanne's parents. Their solace in life is found in time on the golf course and RV trips to reunions.

Our "Christmas Letter Poet Laureate," Jim DeFazio wrote: "Now Sherry and I have had a great year. After 35 together, thought a trip would be dear. So Italy we chose, the bicycle our mode. Thru that beautiful country, for six days we rode. The trip, it was great. Though I'm still not sure, if we spent more time biking or at the 'table du jour."

THAT'S A WRAP: Please clear you calendars so you can join us for our 40th reunion. Make your reservations, today! Mind the flak; keep 'em flying, and keep those cards, letters, e-mails, and photos coming in to Pat Russell and me. Please go to the Class Website to see photos included in this column in color and in full size. Ciao for now. Tim

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