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HELLO '68!! Is it just me or is this summer literally fried egg-cooking hot?! I'm not saying I want to get Tony Eden and Joel Gordes setting off another round of e-mails debating global warming, but even the pesky squirrels in my backyard seem to be taking a break from the simmering heat and spending more time in their nests than trying to defeat my so-called "squirrel-proof bird-feeder."

Mud Racer Jeff Parrish Shows True Grit

If nothing else, I thought the headline might give you a National Enquirer or Jerry Springer-like hook to draw you in. Come on, gang, this is a "G-rated" column! Actually, this tale is best told by our classmate and mud racing aficionado, Jeff Parrish. Jeff writes, "Decided to 'channel my Inner Doolie' once more and run in the Maryland Warrior Dash in May with some members of my family. Think Obstacle Course with mud-lots of mud. And, no one yelling at you. And mud. And a beer and turkey leg at the end-after the mud. Oh, and no fake machine guns. It was a hoot, and I certainly was among the older crowd!! There was an 80-year old woman who ran it twice as fast as I did. It gives me something to shoot for!"

While Jeff did "his thing," his wife JoAnn remained firmly grounded in a lawn chair during said activities, as she broke her leg in January. Jeff and JoAnn reside mostly in Washington State, but their daughter (pictured on the far left of the photo above) lives in Baltimore with her family. As their family's social director, she gave her mom and dad the event entries as Christmas presents. Jeff said next time he will tell us about the "trapeze story." Classmates, get ready for another lurid headline from the Parrish's in a future column!

SCRIBE SNOOZES THROUGH EAST COAST REUNION: To my great embarrassment and regret, my work calendar and social calendar got completely out-of-whack. After traveling most of the day while returning from a consulting project, I mixed up my social calendar dates and literally fell asleep at home while the East Coast Reunion was in full swing at Ed and Karen Eberhart's home. My very sincere apologies go out to the Eberharts and to Bob and Thuy Johnston, who also missed the event because I had given them the wrong date. I'm not sure how many push-ups I owe them, but I am truly sorry for missing the opportunity to schmooze with our crew.

Regarding the reunion, I asked Ed and Bob Durham to give me a quick rundown of who were there and whether there were noteworthy topics of discussion. Bob's remembrance of those in attendance included: Ed and Karen Eberhart, Charlie and Bonnie Coolidge, Bob and Cathy Durham, Monty and Karla Lamont, Lew Read, Jim and Pat Seevers, John and Mary Gonda, Dave and Alex Prevost, Charlie and Polly Seifert, Al Dunkerley, and Glenn Zauber. Topics presented during the evening's discourse included the new Air Force tanker to replace the KC-135s, Charlie Coolidge's efforts to provide assistance to Heather Wilson (only USAFA Grad in Congress) in her run for the US Senate in New Mexico, and the USAFA-USNA football game in Annapolis on 1 October ('68 Plan for game: Pre-game: Tailgate at AOG tent. Post-game: Meet at Mike's Crab House at 3030 Riva Road, Riva, MD). All said they had a great time. A hearty '68 thanks to Ed and Karen for their wonderful hospitality!

Geoff Gorsuch and Family: L-R: Nicole, Jon, Connor, Dominic, Diane, Geoff, Bazil, Julie, and Ben

NEWS FROM SINGAPORE: Geoff and Diane Gorsuch continue to enjoy the challenges and fulfillment of their ministry out of their home base in Singapore. Dr. Geoff is the Southeast Asia Director of Men's Ministries for the Navigators. Over the years, Diane and he have developed a solid reputation for building a responsible ministry to help young men throughout the region become better leaders within the Christian faith. If you would be interested in following Geoff's and Diane's efforts overseas, you can visit their website at www.lifecoach.org for news and video updates.

Living not more than a stone's throw away from me in Vienna is Al and Kathy Dunkerley. In 2009, Al was asked to move from his corporate headquarters to an office at an OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense) site a few miles south of the Pentagon. Now with the Administration's change in outsourcing philosophy in full gear, Al's customer has to in-source Al's position by October 1st. At this stage in his life, Al is not too sure about seeking to change from civilian contractor to government employee, so he is considering going to another government-related job where he can retain his contractor status. As near-term budget and personnel cuts are expected to fall on the Department of Defense, however, Al is remaining flexible and will either retire or find some other activity to keep mind and body occupied He would prefer to remain working because it pays for trips to Europe, travel to see grandkids, Alaska cruise, etc. He sends his best.

NEWS FROM LEAVENWORTH: In this case, the storyline is about one of my partners-in-crime from Third Squadron, Henry Hungerbeeler. Henry writes, "Anne and I are currently living in Leavenworth, Kansas where I'm working for Northrop Grumman on their contract with the Army supporting the Mission Command Training Program. Our son is an active duty major and is also stationed here. All of us just returned from spending the first week in July with our daughter at Edisto Beach, SC. The vacation was great! Lee's kids stayed in SC and went to camp with Lisa's kids...so the vacation continues! I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Steve Paige. Steve and I were roommates during our 3rd class year in 23rd squadron."

Autographed 100th Night Program

TREASURE FOUND DURING HOUSE CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA: In preparation for my daughter Melissa and her family moving in with me to begin her new assignment at the Pentagon in July, I took on a major house cleaning project that included clearing out storage room boxes. When I opened a box with cadet items, I stumbled upon our 100th night program and to my delight discovered that I had sufficient judgment on that night to get the autographs of Robin Olds and Chappie James. The "Big Three" mentioned above is about being a member of Third Squadron. Talk about finding a real treasure!

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: It is my sad duty to note the passing of our classmate Dr. Stephen Paige on 12 June in Ocala, Florida. His funeral service was held at the USAFA Cemetery on 15 July with several of our classmates in attendance. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Linda, his family, and his friends.

THAT'S A WRAP: Mind the flak; keep 'em flying, and keep those cards, letters, e-mails, and photos coming in to Pat Russell and me. Please go to our Class Website to see photos included in this column in full size by clicking on Scribe's Page. Ciao for now. Tim

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