Tim's December 2022 Checkpoints Class News Article

HELLO ’68! As I write this column, the 2022 mid-term elections are just four weeks away. My prayers are for a bounty of great leaders to steer our country in the right direction.

“LPGA Stalwarts Officiate, Again, in 2022. L-R: Steve Mish and Steve Polk”)

TOUGH DUTY: You may recall a similar photo from 2021 where Steve Mish and Steve Polk officiated at the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament. They were called to do it, again, in 2022 on the 54t anniversary of our graduation date. Their golfing schedule after the Open was to Boston the next week for the Men’s Open and to Pennsylvania on the following week for the Men’s Senior Open.  In between events, they went to Baltusrol for two days of golf at that historic venue. The smiles in the photo tell it all!

Our classmate Garry Dudley has decided to enter the 2023 AOG election to be re-elected a member of the AOG Board. Not long ago, you saw a Checkpoints article about Garry in July 2021 receiving the USAFA Distinguished Service Award. He is so much more than a “representative” by listening, stepping up, and getting things done for the benefit of the broad USAFA community. Garry lives only a couple minutes from the North Gate, where he can enter the fray and play to win on issues from warfighter culture (he’s a combat veteran) to how the AOG can do more for grads. His experience includes service as the President of the USAFA Class Advisory Senate and the ’68 Class Gift, Reunion, Memorial, and Legacy Committees. Deeply involved with cadets, Garry has served as a a guest lecturer with the Dept of Management for 15 years—and he and his wife, Tina, have sponsored 35 different cadets. After successful USAF and private business careers, Garry remains the energetic, no-B.S. real deal who’s happy to listen to you any time. When the time comes to vote, I hope you’ll support Garry’s willingness to serve us all for another term on the AOG Board.

"Thank You for Your Service!: L-R: Scribe and Tom Kroboth”

With more than 40 years of service as the AOG’s Checkpoints Class News Editor, I want to express my gratitude for his friendship and steadfast and faithful support to all of our graduating classes in editing and publishing the news that connects us all to each other and our alma mater. This will be Tom’s last issue as our editor and I wish him future happiness and serenity without deadlines.

The latest info I have from our Reunion Chairman, Gary Hoffman, is that we are still shooting for a reunion date in September 2023 for our 55th. Check our Class website for the latest information.

“Rescheduled Dark Ages Party. L-R: Ben Stevens, Dale Oderman, Barney Mills, Carl Janssen, Eli Bebout, Neal Starkey, Garry Dudley (front center), Larry Cole's forehead, Tim Davidson, Mark Torreano (front row), Carl Hite (back row), Hartsel Beckett, Rock Buraglio, Bill Wood, Doug Wilson, and Dave Allen.”

We were saddened by loss of three of our classmates. John Edward Malloy, Jr., of CS-12, died on 13 July 2022 in San Jose, CA. Lowell Gary Hebenstreit, died on 22 August 2022 in Colorado and was interred at the USAFA Cemetery on 31 August. Michael James Rengel did not graduate with us, but is still remembered as our classmate in his passing. His memorial service was held in Lakewood, CO on 20 September 2022 and he was remembered at a rescheduled Dark Ages Party at Carl Janssen’s house on 21 September.

“Photo After Mike Rengel’s Memorial Service on 20 Sep 22, L-R: Neal Starkey, Michael Burgamy, Frank Palermo, Larry Cole, Carl Janssen, Carl Hite, Tim Davidson, Doug Wilson”

“Photo at Dark Ages Party Before Gary Dudley and Mark Torreano showed up.
L-R: Ben Stevens, Dale Oderman, Barney Mills, Carl Janseen, Larry Cole, Tim Davidson, Carl Hite, Hartsel Beckett, Rock Buraglio, Bill Wood, Doug Wilson, and Dave Allen”

“ Photo of Late Arrivals. L-R: Gary Vasek, Michael Burgamy, Carl McPherson, and Jim Carr"

“Four ’68 Football Stars and One Track Guy, L-R: Front Row: Larry Cole, Neal Starkey, and Eli Bebout (Track Guy), Back Row: Dave Allen, Barney Mills, and Carl Janssen”

“The Gymnasts. L-R: Garry Dudley and Mark Torreano”

“The Ladies" L-R: Melissa Cunningham (Scribe's daughter), Sandy Mills, Katie Wood, Dee Wilson, Jeanne Allen, Susan McPherson, Tina Dudley, Linda Cole, Sharon Starkey, Clare Hite, Lorraine Bebout, Char Burgamy, Debbie Janssen, and Vera Oderman"

THAT'S A WRAP: Mind the flak; keep ‘em flying, and keep those cards, letters, e-mails, and photos coming in to Pat Russell and me. Ciao for now. Tim

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