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Association of Graduates (AOG) Class Advisory Senate (CAS)

Fellow Classmates, Garry Dudley admirably represented '68ers on the CAS for many years! When he was elected to the AOG Board of Directors (deservedly so), I was appointed as your Senator to the CAS.

The goal of the AOG CAS is to provide/improve communications between the AOG leadership and its members.

The postings on our '68 website will reflect actions of the AOG Senate, share information provided to the Senate, and give you an avenue for getting ideas and thoughts back to the AOG leadership through the Senate. This is NOT to discourage you from communicating by any other means.

Information and, occasionally, opinions will be posted on the class website, versus sending out mass emails. Please review the items regularly below. Future mass mailings will be rare. Many thanks to Pat for maintaining this information on the website!

Hartsel Beckett

'68 Class Senator

(719) 282-1961

Key Documents and References to Review
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3. AOG Member Statistics - The Challenge!

5. MOU between the AOG and the Endowment
7. New! - The Director of Admissions Briefing
2. CEO's Operational Strategic Plan 2019 - 2020
4. USAFA Endowment Annual Report
6. AOG Chapter President's Conference
8. New! - Endowment Capital Improvements Update

Support Your Association of Graduates

Remember our dues or life membership fee does not come close to meeting the operating costs of our AOG.

Consider becoming a Sabre Society donor, Class of '68 currently has 34, and/or increasing your annual donation. If you are not an AOG member become one (25% of our Class are not members). Let's increase the numbers.

Your Board of Directors are: Cathy McClain, '82, Chairman; Marty Marcolongo, '88, AOG President and CEO; Bob Lowe '71 Vice Chair; Ginny Caine Tonneson, '80 Secretary; Glenn Strebe '87 Treasurer; Hans Mueh, '66; Garry Dudley '68; Mark Volcheff '75; Frank Gorenc '79; Will Gunn '80; Diann Boyle '83; John Vargas '96; Nancy Taylor '01; Emma Przybyslawski '10; Doug Brower '72 CAS President. More information about the Board of Directors, committees, meeting minutes, schedules, etc. is available on the AOG web site here.

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