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1. Updates from your AOG Class Senator and AOG information.
2. Spotlight on Classmates.
3. About this site.
4. Academy Cemetery, Burial and In Memory Of  Marker Information
2023 Family Holiday Letters
6. Class donation honoring our KIA Classmates who were FACs.
7. Who can name the people in this picture and why they were together?
8. Which classmate has ten grandchildren?
9. Flying the target.
10. SAC Memorial-Nebraska the USAFA68 Connection
Congratulations and update from the Buono's
Click here to see more of what Vic does.
13. Click here for information about the USAFA68 Group on Facebook.
14. Southeast Asia Memorial Pavillion Dedication - 1 October 2010
15. My Race by Lorraine Abramson
16. Carl's note about the ice hockey games on 3 & 4 December.
17. The Major by W. Thomas McDaniel, Jr. - view the trailer.
18. Online notification of an Air Force Retiree's death.
19. Denali Rose - Ship's Log - 10 November 2011
20. Read Al Blumberg's note regarding our 45th Reunion in 2013
21. Right Guard by Alexandra Hamlet, David Prevost's wife
Request for website input
23. My left knee quit working!
24. Dale's Heart Disease Story.
25. The "Tough 20 Trolls" 45 Years Later
26. OSI Confidential Informant Situation at USAFA - report from Garry
27. The Price's Unique Opportunity!
28. "Along the Modern Lewis and Clark Trail" by Bill Eckert
29. Bill and Sue’s March 2014 Okeechobee Waterway Trip
Tony Robertson, the new MOAA Chairman of the Board
31. Dark Ages Party at the Janssen's - February 22, 2015
32. Count the Helmets a book by Neal Starkey
33. Vette Quest
34. Off to Egypt by Bill Eckert
35. A USAFA Nearby Neighborhood History by Bill Eckert
36. What was Dick Covey doing 25-years ago?
Wanted names of C-123 aircrew for SEA pavillion plaque.
East Coast Mini-Reunion at the Eberhart's - June 18, 2016
39. Wilbur, Orville and ... Simone a book by Bill Eckert
40. Vic's award from the State of Hawaii
41. Tim Davidson receives the R. Lynn Rylander Award
42. Tony Marshall receives a Vietnam Aviators Salute
43. Lt. Gen. Daniel James III Memorial Video
44. Carl Janssen - Air Force Academy Distinguished Service Award
45. Dark Ages Party at the Janssen's - Sunday, March 11, 2018
46. Holland reflects on missions
47. Construction Projects at the Academy
Classmates Share Coronavirus Information
49. Latest Academy Information from the Superintendent
50. 2020 Practice Graduation Photos
USAFA Update: A New Normal
One Team, One Fight
USAFA Update - Moving Forward
Inprocessing Day: Class of 2024
USAFA Update #2 - Fall Semester
Garry Dudley - Air Force Academy Distinguished Service Award
57. Check out what Roger built during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tim Davidson Plays the Piano
DoD Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Academies
60. Class Gift Update
61. An especially appropriate video presentation from our Academy.
62. "Driving Along Daniel Boone’s Wilderness Trail" by Bill Eckert
63. New - Ed Eberhart - National Western Stock Show's 2024 Citizen of the West
64. New -
Bill Eckert's keynote speech at the NC All Academy Ball on 28Dec2023
New - View Bill's video tribute at his daughter, Katie's (USAFA '03) retirement

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Can you name these people and why are they together?

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Lorraine's bookLorraine Abramson
Lorraine Abramson, wife of 68's Abe, has published a book, My Race: A Jewish Girl Growing Up Under Apartheid in South Africa, about her life experiences.

From the author.... there's a whole chapter about the Academy in my book! ( it's all about the time I came from South Africa to visit Cadet Richard Abramson! )

You can see information about her book and order it at:
Lorraine passed away on September 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of watching Rob Linsmayer, son of our deceased classmate, Rob, play ice hockey for Holy Cross against our beloved Falcons last Friday and Saturday nights. We tied 1-1 on Friday and won 7-6 on Saturday.
He is a sophomore there, wears number 26, and starts for them. His mother, Liz Johnson, and her husband, Quent, USNA booo, came from Chicago for the matches and we were joined by two of our Rob's brothers, Nick and Toff. A fine time was had by all.
Young Rob played great hockey and would have had a hat trick to go with his assist Saturday night, but the puck bounced off the cross bar. It was close enough the judge sitting behind the goal turned on the goal light for a fraction of a second then turned it off. Speaking of a fraction of a second. Our boys in blue scored their winning goal in that match with 0.3 seconds remaining in regulation time.
Ice hockey is the most family friendly sports venue at the Academy. It's not unusual to see three generation families enjoying the action.
Make it a point to watch Holy Cross play hockey and root for Rob if they play anywhere near you.


"The Major"
The Senior Officer in Charge: Commanding Fellow POWs in the Korean War

The MajorClassmates, you might want to read a dark, but uplifting, true story about another ring-knocker--my father--who had one helluva leadership challenge: "managing" fellow POWs and a merciless enemy. There are even pictures for the pilots who don't read; some were classified and one was once top secret. You're going to love the movie--"Bridge on the River Kwai," but with more action for you warriors with excess testosterone.

Tom McDaniel

For more information and to view the book trailer go to:

"Right Guard"
A novel by Alexandra Hamlet

Alexandra’s book, "The Right Guard,” is about to be published! It has a January 2012 publishing date and a special autographed edition that will be available in time for Christmas. Her website has a great trailer and ordering data as well.

“The Right Guard” is a military intelligence thriller – just as Pearl Harbor Day memorializes an external sneak attack that threatened our survival – Alexandra’s, “The Right Guard”, chronicles an equally devastating threat that could have caused the destruction of the United States from within.

We will be on an extended book tour starting in December. We plan on centering the tour on military base concession areas on the East coast for book signings and have a marketing team that will handle radio TV etc. that will be in conjunction with the core signings. Right now, we will have a kickoff in Battle Creek, Michigan and follow with book signings in Easton and St Michaels, MD.

We also have Bolling, Andrews, Meyer, Belvoir, and possibly the Pentagon lined up in Jan. on successive weekends. Will be heading south to bases along east coast after January. Alexandra will be available for book signings at libraries, book clubs and other venues. She will also do a 20 minute skype “discussion with the author” for book clubs that buy 5 or more books.

If you have a suggestion for other book signing venues, we would be happy to try to accommodate.

We will be making a contribution to Amvets Healing Heroes from the Special Edition, available before Christmas 2011 from Atlas Books.

Hope you all have a wonderful holidays!

David Prevost and Alexandra Hamlet (Prevost)

For more information, to view the book trailer and to purchase the book go to:

"Count The Helmets"
The Story of the 1985 Falcon Football Team
by Neal Starkey

Click for more infoCount the Helmets is the completion of a thirty-year goal to write a highly accurate story about the people that made up the 1985 AFA Falcon football team, its coaches and players, their journey through an extraordinary 12-1 season, and how their shared experiences at the academy resulted in the development of leaders of character, in a culture of commitment, and a climate of respect, ready to serve their country.

The success of this book, however, will be measured by how well it helps potential cadets, from every possible culture and background, better understand the culture and values of the Air Force Academy, allowing them to make a better, more informed choice about whether the AFA is the right place for them—or not.

If any of you are interested in seeing what this book is all about, you have several options, but the easiest is clearly to go to:, and check it out, review the options for ordering (we recommend the e-book option… even I use it!)… and for $3.99 you can have a copy of the book in less than an hour available on any combination of your home computer/laptop/Kindle/I-Phone/or android smart phone… at no cost with the free, easily downloadable, Kindle e-reader app.

"Wilbur, Orville and ... Simone"
The Seagull Who Helped the Wright Brothers Learn to Fly
by Bill Eckert

Click for more info.Friends,                                                                                   June 7, 2016

Did you enjoy the 2007 Disney-Pixar movie Ratatouille (which grossed $623.7 million)?
As a youngster, did you like the book and movie Jonathan Livingston Seagull? The
original Jonathan book was a #1 New York Times best-seller, selling over a million copies just in 1972—and it stayed on the NYT best-seller list for two years. In the current expanded edition of Jonathan, that original three-part best-seller story is only 40 pages of text.
As a child, did you enjoy Robert Lawson’s classic little book Ben and Me, from which Disney built an animated film that won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject? Or Lawson’s later book Mr. Revere and I?
Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers has recently been the #1 New York Times best-seller.
I think you’ll find the fresh new book Wilbur, Orville…and Simone interesting and fun.
It’s ready in hardcover, softcover and e-book for wholesale distribution and retail sale directly from the publisher at (1-888-795-4274) or via your usual book supplier--and it’s also now listed at retail online by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The Kindle/NOOK/e-Book is only $3.99!

I’d welcome any advice from you at or (719) 481-3973.
All the best to you,
Bill Eckert

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