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USAFA68 Group on Facebook

FacebookIn just a very short time after I signed up for Facebook I was connected to over 50 of our Classmates. In trying to figure out what Facebook is all about I discovered that various types of "groups" can be created. One of the types of groups that Facebook has is a closed group as defined below:

Closed: For Closed groups, everyone on Facebook can see the group name and members, but only group members can see posts in the group. Unless you're added to the group by another member, you'll need to ask to join. You'll become a member when your request is approved.

On April 17, 2012 I changed the group from "closed" to "secret" which I hope will keep membership to only Classmates.

Secret: These groups cannot be found in searches, and non-members can’t see anything about the group, including its name and member list. The name of the group will not display on the profiles (timelines) of members. To join a secret group, you need to be added by a member of the group.

I realize that many may not want to be on Facebook and that is fine. Hopefully those that do sign-up will find it worthwhile. As always I would appreciate any comments you have regarding the USAFA68 group or this website.

Pat Russell, Webmaster

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