From Deadman's Trail

45th Reunion Note from Al Blumberg

To all 68ers Near and Far;

First, I want to thank the Front Range group for all the good thoughts and kind actions toward me over the past year. The Cancer experience has been a tough one for my entire family; but I am happy to say we have come out the other side in good shape. I have just passed my one year battery of tests free of cancer and life is good!

Your prayers helped immensely and were greatly appreciated!

Looking ahead, we have our 45th coming up in 2013! (Has it really been that long--feels like yesterday in my mind!) I volunteered at the 40th to Chair this Reunion; so this is my first official info update as Chair. (Much thanks to Gene Rose for his bequest of all his 40th Reunion notes.) I have been in contact with the AOG and there is not much to report as yet. With all the hubbub over which Conference we will be a part of, they have no idea of what the football schedule will be. The only firm date is the Army game on 2 Nov 13. The only other input the staff could give us is that our 50th Reunion in 2018 will take priority over '63's Reunion, which always takes place the same year as ours. Of course, '63 has priority on dates/hotels, etc. in 2013.

There will be an initial get-together in late January, 2012, (exact date TBD) at Doolittle Hall for anyone who would like to be involved in helping with the Reunion. Input via email (, phone (719-331-4343) and personal contact will also be greatly appreciated! With the wealth of talent present in our Class, my job will be exceptionally easy.

Once again, I want to thank you all. It is an honor and a privilege to be the 45th Chair. I am looking forward to working with and seeing you all.

'68 is Great!

Al Blumberg

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