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Pat & Nita’s Museum Delivery

We always hoped that someday we would replace our 2006 LeMans Blue Corvette Convertible, and last August when ours went over 100,000-miles, we decided that the time had come. This was an easy decision, since the completely redesigned 2014 C7 Stingray model had been introduced in January 2013. Not being high horsepower or racing fanatics, the new Z06 for the 2015 model year was not considered. However, the high tech and performance features available on the Z51 model and the new 8-speed automatic transmission coupled with the Cosworth designed Performance Data Recorder available for the 3LT 2015 model year, convinced us to proceed. Since Pat does want to participate in driving events, a coupe was decided over another convertible (most tracks today do not allow a convertible unless equipped with a roll bar).

Our first task was to determine when we wanted to get the car. Since we have been attending Nita’s Britton Cousins Reunions every other Father’s Day since 2003 in Taylor, Nebraska, and drove to the past four in our ’06 Convertible, we decided to show-up this time in a new Vette. So why not consider the Corvette Museum Delivery option? We would pick up the car in Bowling Green KY early enough to drive to central Nebraska in-time for the reunion. The National Corvette Museum’s website has all the information on how to do a Museum Delivery, including placing the order for the delivery option (R8C) with a dealer in sufficient time that the car is built and available to the Museum a minimum of two weeks in advance of your desired pick-up date. While a specific date the car is built cannot be given, a Target Production Week (TPW) is available to the dealer and customer once the final order is accepted by the Plant. MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua NH placed the order in mid-April and we got a TPW of May 18, which just so happened to be the day our Vette rolled off the production line. We asked for a Museum delivery date of Monday, June 15, 2015 which the Museum gladly arranged.

We made flight reservations with Southwest direct to Nashville and rented a car there with Enterprise, which we could turn in right at the Museum. Since it became cost-is-no-object at this point, we also ordered the New Corvette Owner's Photo Album showing our Vette as it comes together on the assembly line, and new luggage with the C7 logo. On June 12th, we were on our way. Pat was able to see his cousins in Nashville over the weekend, and we also went to Andrew Jackson’s home, The Hermitage – a must see if you’re ever in Nashville.

The Museum Delivery program is terrific – takes nearly all day and is extremely well done. Four folks per delivery can participate and one of Pat’s ex-Air Force friends, Bob Shively and his hometown friend, Bill Easton were able to join us. We first had some administrative stuff to take care of with our guide, Ron Barton, who then took us on a private 2-hour Plant tour. This was especially good, since Ron was a retired 32-year GM employee who had worked over 19-years in the Corvette factory. After the Plant tour Ron gave us a personal tour of the Museum, where we saw where the sink hole was – plus all the other wonderful exhibits – lots of changes since our visit in 2008. After lunch, Ron gave Pat as thorough an orientation of the new Vette as practical in the amount of time available – of course Pat remembered all of it! The event culminated with Ron driving Pat out of the Museum to two locations where pictures were taken.

Our Vette was available to view on one of the Museum webcams prior to and during the delivery and we were so happy that many friends and family got to see us in real time.

The next day, we were off to Ft. Madison IA to visit relatives and get a mandatory 500-mile oil change (required for Z51 and Z06 Vettes with dry-sumps), pre-arranged with Shottenkirk Chevrolet there. We attended the Britton Cousins Reunion, made two stops in Colorado to visit friends and relatives. We had a super time staying with Jim and Sherry DeFazio in their lovely new home in Ft. Collins and lunch with Blair Stewart in the Springs. Our final layover in Aztec NM was a two-day visit with Bob (USAFA '69) and Connie Van Meter who bought our 2006 Corvette Convertible in April.

We are extremely fortunate to have been able to complete our Vette Quest and a special thanks to all who encouraged and assisted us in making it possible.

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