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C-123 Commemorative Plaque for the SEA Pavilion

Classmates - Please send any names you have to J.T.

"I am working, along with several other USAFA Grads, to get a C-123 commemorative plaque produced and installed on the wall at the SEA Pavilion on the Heritage Trail at USAFA. Such plaques, if you have not seen them, contain information about the bird, what it did in SEA, and which Grads flew them. Hence, the need for the list.

So, I would appreciate your help in polling the Class of '68 to produce such a list so that their names can be included on the plaque.

If any of your Classmates can remember those in other Classes who should be on the list, that too would be helpful.

Thank You and Regards.

J.T. Smith
Class of '60"

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