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The Allen's Kelly Air Park Breakfast Fly-in - July 10, 2021

Dave and Jeanne Allen live on an airpark north of Colorado Springs, where they build/rebuild airplanes and taxi out of their hangar directly onto a taxiway for takeoff. It is a marvelous place. You'll see their 1934 vintage WACO biplane in one of the pictures below. They are very active in the antique aircraft community, and they have for a number of years (excluding last year because of COVID) held an Annual Pancake Breakfast Fly-in. Hard to believe it was 12-years ago that Dave and Jeanne held a great Class of '68 breakfast and aviation-fest in 2009. Since I had driven up to Colorado Springs for Garry Dudley's Distinguished Award Ceremony at the Academy on 9 July, I was able to have brerakfast there along with a few other alumni and Dave gratiously let me park my new Vette in front of their hangar. (Pat Russell)

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