Tim's September 2012 Checkpoints Class News Article

HELLO ’68!! Attention in the area! Third Call for ‘68’s 45th Reunion in 2013! We have not established exact dates yet, but you can anticipate our muster occurring sometime between mid-September and the end of October, depending on the USAFA football schedule. Please leave sufficient flexibility in your travel schedules to join your fellow ‘68ers in the upcoming revelry.

CONTACT INFO NEEDED: To assist in communicating with you, please send me your current e-mail address and any other contact information you wish to share with your classmates. Many have changed service providers or are no longer affiliated with former employers. Consequently, outdated addresses and phone numbers are no longer functional. Please help!

“’68’s Newest Newlywed”

In past columns I have featured classmates with the most children or grandchildren, etc. In this installment of “All My Classmates,” a photo has been kindly provided by Bill Hoge, who now reins supreme as our Class’ newest newlywed. The photo above shows Bill and his lovely bride, Crys, with five grandchildren on their April 21, 2012 wedding day. Our heartiest congrats to Bill and Crys!

2012 EAST COAST REUNION: Ed and Karen Eberhart provided the venue, food and beverages as they hosted our Class’ 44th East Coast Mini-Reunion. Classmates from as far away as Florida, North Carolina and Texas made the trek to Northern Virginia to celebrate our special bond. Those in attendance were: Scott Bohner, Charlie Coolidge, Bill Drennan, Al Dunkerley, Al Dyer, Bob Durham, Ed Eberhart, John Gonda, Bob Johnston, Ron Kerchner, Vern McGraw, Dennis McLain, Tom O’Beirne, Bob Pauli, David Prevost, Lew Reed, Jim Seevers, Charlie Seifert, Roger Sorensen, Mike Wagner, Glenn Zauber, their spouses, significant others and your Scribe. Tidbits from a mélange of conversations included Al Dyer’s somewhat tumultuous term of office on the Board of Education for his local school district in Maryland; best Medicare providers; when one should begin to receive Social Security benefits; who was still working and who was not; golf; the Washington Nationals and maybe a smidgen about politics.

In the small world department, after reading ‘68’s spring column in Checkpoints our classmate, Bill “Willie” Brant, noted Charlie Coolidge’s son, Brad, was stationed at Tinker flying AWACS. Bill’s son is an AWACS squadron commander at Tinker and asked his son, Dan, whether he knew Brad. As fate would have it, Dan not only knows Brad, but has him serving as Dan’s squadron’s assistant operations officer. A pretty cool coincidence when you think about it! (Cue Twilight Zone music)

“Kozak’s Get Down and Dirty for Veterans” L-R: Front Row: Tori and Jamie Kozak (Dave’s granddaughters); Back Row: Dave Kozak; friend of family, Jen; Amy Kozak (Dave’s son’s wife); and David Kozak (Dave’s son)

‘68ER & FAMILY TEST METTLE IN GREEN BERET FASHION: Dave Kozak (formerly Dellwardt), provided me with a great update on what he does for fun in “retirement.” Dave writes, “On May 5th, my son and his family and their friend, Jen, invited me to join them in the first annual Spartan Race at Fort Carson. Spartan Race is a business that tours the country to raise money for veterans’ homes and “Kidfit,” and supports local charities, as appropriate. For this race, we were supporting Fort Carson’s Green Beret Foundation, which assists disabled Special Forces personnel upon their return from combat. My training at sea level made little difference for the five mile race which included 30 obstacles! As you might imagine ‘Grunts love mud!’ The toughest stretch included 300 yards of crawling in the mud under barbed wire while carrying an M-16. The feeling as I passed the finish line was comparable to the last time I had afterburners strapped to my butt! My athletic shirt was modified to include ‘68’ on the front and back to honor our 67 classmates who are gone—especially Ian Duncan and Art Moxon. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment so much that I signed up for next year’s race.” Dave, I suggest you link up with fellow “mudder” Jeff Parrish for your next effort. (See Summer 2011 article and photo on Scribe Page of Class Website.)

“My Two Sons” L-R: Colonel Bob Pavelko, USAF; Colonel Bob Pavelko, USAF (Retired)--our classmate; and Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Pavelko, USMC

O-6 PROMOTION ABOARD OLD IRONSIDES: I had a great piece of family news from Bob Pavelko. In his June 1st letter Bob writes, “Jane and I just returned to Arlington, Texas after visiting my sons in Boston. We were there over May 1st to help promote my oldest son, Bob, to colonel. He just completed a year as a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s JFK School of Government. General Tad Oelstrom, Director of the Program, even attended the ceremony! My son Bob apparently knows somebody who knows somebody, because he arranged to have the promotion ceremony on the USS Constitution. As you look at the photo, aren’t you amazed that I can still fit into my uniform?! I know I am!! Newly minted Colonel Bob Pavelko just reported in to Patrick AFB as the Vice Commander of the 45th Space Wing. My youngest son, Jeff, is a USMC lieutenant colonel and recently moved from Camp Lejeune to Pensacola, where he is the Executive Officer of Squadron HT-28 of Flying Training Air Wing Five. Jeff is slated to command the squadron in the near future. I couldn’t be prouder of my sons.”

The wildfires that swept through Colorado this summer had a traumatic impact on the faculty, staff and cadets at our alma mater. An e-mail I received from the Dean, Brigadier General Dana Born, included photos of how close the Waldo Canyon Fire came to damaging Pine and Douglas Valleys and the campus itself. I am thankful that the fire did not destroy what we all hold so sacred. While the fire was contained before it reached the Academy, it completely consumed our classmate, Rhip Worrell’s house, along with all of his belongings. As you find some spare moments, please give Rhip a shout via e-mail and/or phone to let him know he is being upheld by his classmates and friends. Rhip’s e-mail address is: rowland.worrell@mdnt.com and his mobile number is 571-215-7358.

I also heard from Dale Oderman, who had an unexpected quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery near the end of June. The event and need for the surgery was very shocking to Vera and him, because he had none of the traditional risk factors associated with heart disease. In an effort help others with lessons learned from his experience, Dale has written an article titled “My Heart Disease Story” that may be found on our Class Website under Bulletins. Please pray for Dale’s complete recovery.

Mind the flak; keep 'em flying, and keep those cards, letters, e-mails, and photos coming in to Pat Russell and me. Please go to our Class Website to see photos included in this column in full size by clicking on Scribe's Page. Ciao for now. Tim

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