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Class History
  Class of 2008 Contrails Dedication
  Song list
  The Flameouts
  Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott, USAF (Ret)
  Famous American Aviator talking to Steve
  Buck McCants' Memories
  Classmates at UPT Class 70-02 Moody AFB
  The 12Feb1965 Life article on cheating
  Bill Eckert's thoughts about us and football
  Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, USAF (Ret)
  Navy Goat visits Mitchell Hall in 1966
  Classmates at UPT Class 70A Webb AFB
Answers to Greg's questions about USAFA     sports.
  Class of 1968 Ring Banquet Program
Classmates at UPT Class 70-02 Randolph AFB
  The Ascots, Oldies and More from Mo
   F-105 Flyby - June Week 1968 - Windows
   Aviation Reflections from a '68 USAFA Grad
   The Tunnels
  The DoDo's from June 1967 through June 1968
  The Planes We Flew
Our ZI Field Trip - Jim Terry
  Our ZI Field Trip - Bill Bazar
  Inauguration 1965
  Photos from Michael Baribeau's old slides
Take a look at Ranger and Rhip a few years ago.
  Don picks up Mike Francisco on 28 April 1972
  Weldon shares some pictures of his Dad
  The Chief of Staff can Fly as Long as He Wants
  Roger Dean's 1964 - 1968 collection

  Cadet Squadron 7 after a run during BCT
  Southeast Asia Photos from Joe Michel
  1968 ALO Academy Brochure Selections
  Doc Holaday's Summer of 1965 Photos
  Check out what Gary Leikam saved
   "We Were There"
   Here's what Karl was doing and where
   Do you remember the Shapes?
   What Alan attemped during the ZI Field Trip
   Alan's account of our POW's Return at Clark AB

Class Roster
  15Oct65 Home Address Reference Book

In Memoriam
  Classmate names on War Memorial
   2008 Memorial Brochure

2008 Memorial Brochure
Academy Cemetery, Burial and In Memory Of       Marker Information

Scribe's Page

45th Reunion
     45th Reunion planning information
  2011 Founders Day Events
  40th Reunion
     40th Reunion planning information
  Pictures from our 35th Reunion in 2003
  35th Reunion Banquet photos
  Squadron Pictures at Reunions
  60th Birthday Retreat Photos
Practice Reunion at the Janssen's - 23Feb2008
16th Squadron, 'Practice Reunion' at the Polks's - Nov07

  Updates from your AOG Class Senator
 Spotlight on Classmates
 About this website
Saluting the Flag
Joint Congressional Resolution - USAF's 60th    Anniversary
   Name the people and why they are together photo
Which classmate has ten grandchildren?
  Family Holiday Letters

  USAFA Endowments, Inc.
Flying the target.
  Class donation honoring our five KIA Classmates Who      were Forward Air Controllers.
  Academy Cemetery, Burial and In Memory Of  Marker      Information
  SAC Memorial-Nebraska the USAFA68 Connection
  Congratulations and Update from the Buono's
  See more of what Vic does
USAFA68 Group on Facebook
Southeast Asia Memorial Pavillion Dedication
  Lorraine Abramson's book
Carl's note about the ice hockey games - Dec 2011
  The Major by W. Thomas McDaniel, Jr.
  Online notification of an Air Force Reiree's death.
  Denali Rose - Ship's Log - 10 November 2011
  Al Blumberg's note regarding our 45th Reunion in 2013
  Right Guard by Alexandra Hamlet, David Prevost's wife
Request for input to the website
  My left knee quit working!
  Dale's Heart Disease Story.
  OSI Confidential Informant Situation at USAFA
  The Price's Unique Opportunity
  "Along the Modern Lewis and Clark Trail" by Bill Eckert
  Bill and Sue’s March 2014 Okeechobee Waterway Trip
  Tony Robertson, the new MOAA Chairman of the Board
  Dark Ages Party at the Janssen's - February 22, 2015

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